Mappings from STIX 2.x to CybOX 2.x

The following table associates the CybOX 2.x object types with their STIX 2.x cyber observable types. For each CybOX object the table also indicates if the slider is able to convert the cyber observable object to CybOX 2.x.

CybOX object types not listed have no corresponding STIX 2.x cyber observable type, and therefore are not converted by the slider.

STIX 2.x Cyber Observable Type CybOX 2.x Type Converted in version 2.1.0 of the Slider
artifact Artifact yes
autonomous-system AutonomousSystem yes
directory File yes
domain-name DomainName yes
email-addr Address yes
email-message EmailMessage yes
file File yes
file:archive-ext ArchiveFile yes
file:raster-image-ext ImageFile yes
file:ntfs-ext WinFile yes
file:pdf-ext PDFFile yes
file:window-pebinary-ext WinExecutableFile yes
ipv4-addr Address yes
ipv6-addr Address yes
mac-addr Address yes
mutex Mutex yes
network-traffic NetworkConnection yes
network-traffic:http-request-ext NetworkConnection and HTTPClientRequest yes
network-traffic:icmp-ext NetworkConnection and ICMPv4Packet yes
network-traffic:socket-ext NetworkConnection and NetworkSocket yes
network-traffic:tcp-ext none no
process Process yes
process:windows-process-ext WinProcess yes
process:windows-service-ext WinService yes
software Product yes
url URI yes
user-account UserAccount, WinUser, UnixUserAccount yes
user-account:unix-account-ext UnixUserAccount yes
window-registry-key WinRegistryKey yes
x509-certificate X509Certificate yes
x509-certificate:x509-v3-extensions-type X509Certificate and X509V3Extensions yes