​Command Line Interface

The slider comes with a bundled script which you can use to convert STIX 2.x content to STIX 1.x content:

usage: stix2_slider [-h] [--no-squirrel-gaps] [--validator-args VALIDATOR_ARGS]
                    [-e ENABLE] [-d DISABLE] [-s]
                    [--message-log-directory MESSAGE_LOG_DIRECTORY]
                    [--log-level {DEBUG,INFO,WARN,ERROR,CRITICAL}]
                    [--use-namespace USE_NAMESPACE]

stix2-slider v3.0.0

The stix2-slider is a work-in-progress. It should be used to explore how existing STIX 2.x would potentially be represented in STIX 1.x. Using the current version of the stix2-slider will provide insight to issues that might need to be mitigated so you can use an application that supports only STIX 1.x content.

positional arguments:

file    The input STIX 2.x document to be 'slid' to STIX 1.x.

optional arguments:

-h, --help
      show this help message and exit

      Do not include STIX 2.x content that cannot be
      represented directly in STIX 1.x using the description

--validator-args VALIDATOR_ARGS
      Arguments to pass to stix-validator. Example:
      stix2_slider <file> --validator-args="--best-

-e ENABLE, --enable ENABLE
      A comma-separated list of the stix2-slider messages to
      enable. If the --disable option is not used, no other
      messages will be shown. Example: stix2_slider <file>
      --enable 250

-d DISABLE, --disable DISABLE
      A comma-separated list of the stix2-slider messages to
      disable. Example: stix2_slider <file> --disable

-s, --silent
      If this flag is set. All stix2-slider messages will be

--message-log-directory MESSAGE_LOG_DIRECTORY
      If this flag is set, all stix2-slider messages will be
      saved to file. The name of the file will be the input
      file with extension .log in the specified directory.
      Note, make sure the directory already exists. Example:
      stix2_slider <file> --message-log-directory "../logs"

      The logging output level.

--use-namespace USE_NAMESPACE
      Override the 'example' namespace with the provided one.
      The format is the prefix, namespace uri and optionally
      the schema location separated by a space. Example:
      stix2_slider <file> --use-namespace="example http://example.com"

Refer to the Warning Messages section for all stix2-slider messages. Use the associated code number to --enable or --disable a message. By default, the stix2-slider displays all messages.

Note: disabling the message does not disable any functionality.

It is recommended that you ensure that the input STIX 2.x file is valid before submitting it to the slider. Use the stix2-validator.