​Conversion Issues

Single vs. Multiple

Some properties in STIX 2.x allowed for multiple values, but the corresponding property in STIX 1.x does not. In these cases, the first value is used and a warning message is output.

Data Markings

The stix-slider currently supports object-level markings only. Granular markings are ignored and a warning message will be displayed. Since that is the highest level of data marking available in STIX 2.x, any object downgraded will contain embedded object-level markings in their STIX 1.X representation regardless of using the same marking definition in multiple places. Therefore, it can result in a verbose output compared to its 2.X counterpart. The marking-definition objects will be placed in the STIX_Header section of the document.

The supported marking types are: TLP, Statement and AIS.

Kill Chains

Kill chains and their phases in STIX 2.x are referred to by their names. There is no id associated with a kill chain phase. Additionally, kill chains are not defined within STIX 2.x content. The assumption is that if a kill chain is known among those sharing content, the names will be sufficient to identify them consistently. According to the STIX 2.x specification, if the Lockheed Martin Cyber Kill Chain™ is used the kill_chain_name will be lockheed-martin-cyber-kill-chain.

Because kill chains need to be explicitly defined within the STIX 1.x content, each kill chain phase found in the STIX 2.x content will be used to partially construct a kill chain definition. For this reason, the resultant kill chain will only contain the kill chain phases used.


Both STIX 1.x and STIX 2.x support the versioning of objects, but there is no attempt by the slider to explicitly maintain versioning information when converting to STIX 1.x.

All converted objects will be assumed to be the one and only version of an object. If more than one object is found with the same id, it will not be flagged as an error.